Hyperactive Molecules and CSML (Chemical Structure Markup Language)

Things you have to do first, to run this demonstration

Example 1H-NMR-Spectroscopy

If you are not using the CHIME Netscape-Plugin, please click here first to get the 3D-Molecule

300 MHz 1H-NMR-Spektra of


Diese Zeilen sind nur interessant für Netscape-Nutzer,
die das Chime plugin benutzen
Signale bei 7.5 ppm Signale bei 7.3 ppm
Signale bei 4.4 ppm Signale bei 4.0 ppm
Signale bei 3.6 ppm Signale bei 2.4 ppm
Signale bei 1.9 ppm

Clicking at the different marked locations in the spectra should show the corresponding H-atoms in the 3D-molecul.
Users having installed the Chime Plugin for Netscape have to click at the buttons which are located beside the embedded molecul.

This example was installed by Michael Haak at the University of Oldenburg.
It was shown first at the workshop "Neue Wege der wissenschaftlichen Information und Kommunikation" in Berlin 8.-10.March 1995.

Other examples are available from Imperial College or Leeds University, UK.

Look at our further examples too.

This project was first developed jointly by Henry Rzepa at Imperial College Chemistry Department and Benjamin Whitaker at the School of Chemistry, Leeds University, UK.

A paper has been published.

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